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Child Custody and Visitation

You are not the only one; however, Child Custody and Visitation issues are all personal and unique to you and your family. We can help you navigate the emotional landscape that is your personal child custody, or visitation issue.

Child Custody ConsultingPetito & Petito represents mothers, fathers and grandparents going through custody and visitation disputes. We will attempt to work together with each party to compile arrangements, which are in the best interest of your child or children. If that cannot be done, we are more than prepared to litigate your mater, and fight for your rights. Our office is centrally located in the Town of Poughkeepsie, and is close to the Dutchess County Family Court house.

Our firm has vigorously represented victims of domestic violence; parents charged with neglecting their children, in addition to representing those going through custody or visitation disputes.

Additionally, our criminal law background allows us to defend those alleged to have committed a Family Offense against a member of their household or family.

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Child Custody

Happy Family Generally, in making custodial decisions the Courts look towards the Best Interest of the Child. In New York, though there are additional factors which apply at trial the following are always pertinent factors:

Stability for the child- Where has the child lived and how long has the child resided there; What school does the child attend; What if any affect would moving have on the child.

Child’s primary caretaker-Who has cared for the child since berth; What part as each parent played in raising and caring for the child; Has one parent been absent for any long period of time.

Physical and mental health of parents-What if any mental health issues affect a parent; Are the parents regularly engaged with a mental health professional and why; Have there been any periods of hospitalizations; What if any medications are the parents utilizing and why.

Drug use-Are any of the parents users of illegal drugs, or addicted to proscribed medication; How often do they use illegal drugs, and what is their drug of choice; Do they have any recent convictions or arrests in that regard; Are they in treatment, and how long have they been in treatment.

Domestic Violence- Are any of the parents victims or perpetrators of Domestic violence; Have the children been subject to Domestic Violence; Have the children been directly physically or mentally abused by a parent.

Child preferences- Depending on the age and intelligence of the child.


Both parents have a right to consistent visitation with their children, subject of course to the child’s safety. Our Firm can help you through your specific visitation issue, and fight for you whether it is obtaining regular visitation with your child, or protecting your child’s safety in suspending or limiting another parent’s contact.


Our firm represents parents or individuals that have been charged in neglect actions. We know your rights, and how to deal with the department of social services. We have represented those accused of sexual abuse, failure to plan for their child, physical abuse, drug use, and many others. If you are charged with neglecting your children we know the stigma attached and the affect it has on your lives, we can help. Call for a free phone consultation.

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