Poughkeepsie, New York Car Accidents

If you have been in an automotive accident

After the accident, you must make sure that you contact your insurance agent and report any damage to your car and any injury that was caused to you and/or any of your passengers. Make sure you have all of the other drivers information including; insurance, ownership and name and address. When the police officers arrive, make sure you find out what police precinct or state trooper barracks the officer is located. It is important to file certain papers promptly, such as an accident report with the NY Department of Motor Vehicles. No fault insurance forms should be requested and filled out–to ensure that your medicals are paid for.

You are also entitled to 80% of your wages up to $2,000.00 a month. (Some additional coverage is available so be sure to have your attorney check and see if you have any Additional Personal Injury Protection.)

If you are critically injured, your first and foremost task is to get the proper medical care

Never speak to a claims adjuster or the other driver, unless, you are not injured and are trying to settle the damage to your car. Never give them permission to tape record the interview if you are injured. A simple , on the advice of counsel , answer is sufficient.

Get to a lawyer as soon as possible if you are seriously hurt. There are many things that a knowledgeable personal injury attorney can do for you, if the case is brought to his attention immediately.

Never mislead to your attorney, the truth works wonders. If you have been hurt in that same part of your body before let your lawyer know. If the injury seriously aggravated your pre-existing injury you may still be entitled to compensation.

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