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Poughkeepsie, NY Lawyers

Attorney Bruce A. Petito and Attorney Joseph Petito are litigation attorneys who operate out of Dutchess County. Their firm, Petito & Petito, LLP helps clients who are experiencing many legal issues, from arrests to divorce to personal injury. With over 50 years of experience between them, they offer a unique combination of skills and knowledge.

Personal Injury

Committed to helping people who are injured, Petito & Petito, LLP has collected millions of dollars in settlements for deserving clients. When you are injured, the last thing you need to worry about is finding the money to pay for the bills, especially when you did not cause the accident.

If you have an automobile accident, it is important to make the claim to your insurance immediately. But do not agree to a settlement until you have consulted an attorney.

At Petito & Petito, LLP, there will be no settlement without your permission. If you need to go to trial, you can rest assured that you have top notch litigators who are respected even by others in the legal community.

Criminal Defense

Petito & Petito, LLP can help you if you have been charged with any level of crime, including misdemeanors, felonies and serious drug crimes. They can also help if there is an issue you need to appeal. They have successfully defended clients charged with DUI/DWI.

If you are being charged with any crime, or fear you may be soon, it is best to consult an attorney as soon as possible. You have the right to an attorney any time your freedom may be at stake, and is better to seek the advice of an attorney quickly before speaking to anyone else so that you preserve your rights. Laws change very fast, and a knowledgeable attorney can help you.

Family Law

Family issues are always stressful and painful. At Petito & Petito, LLP, the attorneys are compassionate but honest. They will help you look at the issues and decide what you really want, then fight hard with you to get it.

When you are injured or arrested, or just going through any situation where your rights may be violated, you need experienced trial tested attorneys. Call Petito & Petito, LLP today for a free and confidential consultation on your case.

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